Renovo made an easy to operate precise and reliable syringe pump with feature options for your lab requirements. You can use the device only with one hand for lab practicality.
-Easy to use precise calibration settings designed to ensure you have full control of the device from the moment you start to use.
-Optional precision heater control has been added for your special needs arising in laboratories especially on bio-materials and cell culture operations.
-Easy slide and easy syringe locking equipment is designed for you to use it practically even when one hand is full.

Heated Syringe

Heated Syringe Bed allows up to 60̊ C heated injections for project requirements.

Multiple Pumps

Up to 2 optional syringe pumps can be operated sequentially stop pause reset and work together

Precise Control

Precision options down to 0.1μl per hour and μl based volume setting allows you to precise control the injection

Easy to Use

Standalone button panel and Easy Slide pump pusher makes easier start stop refill operations


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