Bioprinters customised for your specific needs


BioXT Series

Up to 6 optional printheads
Automatic bed leveling
Piston-driven or pneumatic
Standalone bed temp control
Heated cooled printbed option
HEPA14 filter option
UV curing option
UV cleaning option
Positive pressure cabin ventilation
Standalone printing
Capacitive touchscreen controller
Precision down to 1 micron

Key Features

Standalone Progress

You don't need to connect any computer while using BioXT series they are designed fully standalone and controlled by capacitive touchscreen with a SD card slot

Multiple Printhead Variations

Renovo bioprinters can be configured 6 different printhead options for your requirement
BioXT bioprinter can be setup with 1 to 6 printheads

UV Cleaning and Photocuring

BioXT printers can be equipped with UV clean chamber option and printheads can also be configured with standalone UV photocuring lights

Auto Bed Level Calibration

A first layer is the most important thing on Additive manufacturing
Renovo BioXT series has a custom sensor setup for precise Bed Leveling

Positive Pressure Chamber

An optional cabin lid and up to HEPA 14 cabin filter element makes it easier to control contamination and airflow if needed

Standalone Printbed Heater Cooler Control

Renovo BioXT series has optional heated cooled 3d printbed that allows you to change printbed before after or anytime when you need

Printhead Options

  • Piston driven melt extrusion with uv photocuring and cooling fan option
  • Piston driven syringe pump with heating and photocuring
  • Filament extrusion printhead with cooling fan option
  • Pneumatic melt extrusion and syringe pump with fan and UV curing option
  • Worm gear pellet extruder with fan option
  • Heated piezolectric or thermal inkjet with UV photocuring option
  • All printheads can equipped with color print light and UV photocuring and fan

Printbed Options

  • Heated glass or aluminum printbed up to 100̊ C
  • Cooled aluminum copper or glass printbed down to 0̊ C
  • Electrospin statically loadable aluminum or copper print bed
  • Detachable petri dish wellplate and slide adapter options for printbed
  • Printbed color options available for better print control

Printer Body Options

  • 1 to 6 printhead body options
  • TFT touchscreen options from 3.5” to 7”
  • Standalone chassis use or inside laminar flow cabin use configuration
  • Up to HEPA 14 air filtered positive pressure air chamber
  • Optional UV sterilization light for cabin
  • Optional cabin working light
  • Optional plexiglass lid for control or airtight sealed plexiglass lid 
  • Optional antistatic paint and colors (default color pure white)
  • External chiller, pneumatic compressor, and electrostatic power source connection options

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