Electrospinning Equipments

Renovo made an variety of easy to use affordable electrospin product group for your lab requirements. You can customize setups and sizes for your custom electrospun equipment requirements and can also get components seperately or have in cabin stand alone complete custom solutions

Modular Design

Renovo electrospin equipments are designed to be used stand alone devices can work together synchronised. All devices can be used seperately for other requirements or together


Multiple dimension and types of stationary or moving target setups, different collector drum sizes distance and speed settings, in cabin options can be produced for your custom project requirement is avaliable

Easy to Use

Renovo electrospin devices has easier user interface and standalone design. All can be operated one hand without need of high level comfortable and safe user experience.

Complete Unit Solutions

Renovo electrospin setups can be configured as in cabin lab scale complete units customized for your requirement to fit your needs or modular starter units for basic needs


Drum Collector Setup

Renovo Electrospin drum collector setup is designed to be modular and components are all stand alone units. They can be start stop syncronised with modular flex


Stationary Target Setup

Stationary electrospin collector setup is designed for multiple usage scenarios as vertical, horizontal spinning multiple nozzle spinning and synchronised operation


Syringe Pump Variation

For different needs Renovo designed a syringe pump can be configured with 2 syringes and different heating patterns for each syringe and synchronised start stop


High Voltage Power Supply

High voltage electrospin power supplies have variatons up to 30KV  5Ma current including easy use jacks and emergency stop button for advanced safety


Drum Collectors

Electrospinning drum collector variations configured at different dimensions with alternative drum sizes hover speed and distance rotation speed and direction variable 


Stationary Targets

Many kind of stationary targets can be produced by different materials and shapes to fit your custom needs includes easy cable jack and can be used vertical or horizontal setups

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