Innovative Custom Device Designs for Scientists

RENOVO design and produce need-oriented devices for scientists
Customizable hardware options make it easier to choose what you need and find the best cost effective option for your research
We can also design any other kind of custom lab device for your specific requirement

What we Offer?

There is many kind of innovative technology keypoints on RENOVO Devices

Stand Alone Design

Renovo devices are designed to work stand alone without need of any computer connection and you can use device via capacitive touchscreen and SD card connections

Customizable Variations

There is plenty of options on printheads printbeds number and variation on renovo devices to perfectly suit your project requirements and budget

Curing and Cleaning

Many UV light and HEPA filter options avaliable on renovo devices for your photocuring and disinfection requirements to prevent contamination risks

Heater Cooler Options

Renovo has variable options for printbed printhead syringe bed heating and cooling equipments may be designed in cabin or external use


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